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 Clan rules

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PostSubject: Clan rules   Sat Jan 23, 2010 8:46 am

Our Goal is to be the BEST clan on the server and not only
For this we will have to work good together.
The Requirements for entering BloodHunters Clan is that you play a minimum of 4h / day.
Soldier clan rules.
1. Entering this clan mean you accept all the clan rules and you listen to your CL and Cpt.
2. ]Intermediate clan rule:You will have to play on whatever class your clan leader or captain decide] The clan hierarchy in clan is as following: Clan Leader, Captain and Party Leader
3. Being a member of this clan means that you will respect the members of your Ally.
4. Clan Leader is the official representative of the entire clan.(or a vCL named by the CL)
5. Every clan member can contribute with ideas regarding the clan rules.
6. All materials and important A,S grade parts go to CWH. The same rule applies to RB drops.
7. Clan Leader decide how equipmet will be handed out among the clan members.
8. Clan members have to be online at Castle sieges and CH sieges. The abscence mut be reported prior to the event.
9. Clan members communicate via Ventrilo and Forum.
10. During siege, mass pvp or clan party, members have to be logged in Ventrilo.
11. Every clan member will must have :
- Floating Stone[Valakas Quest] Quest name: Into The Flame
- Portal Stone[Antharas Quest] Quest name: Audience With the Land Dragon
- Blooded Fabric(s) [Baium Quest] Quest name: An Arrogant Search
- Enhance your weapon quest [Soul Crystals]
12. Members can also have IT and FoG quests (Broken Relic Quest / Gather the flames)
13. You must always respect server rules.
Clan motto :If you are a BloodHunter act as one
Breaking the Clan Rules will result in a temporary KICK or permanent BAN from the clan.
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Clan rules
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